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A Collection of Ethical Leadership Speeches for Research and Teaching


Inspirationbase is a collection of extracts of leadership speeches on issues of social justice and ecology. The speeches have been collected by members of the International Ecolinguistics Association. Some extracts have been transcribed from videos, and some are from the transcripts provided on the websites that the speeches have come from. Inspirationbase can be used by researchers who are investigating the language of ethical leadership, or by educators who can use them in their classes. If you are using the transcripts for research purposes, please check them carefully for accuracy. The source of all extracts is provided, and copyright rests with the original producer of the content. The extracts are provided here under fair use for the purpose of scholarly research and teaching. Collated by Arran Stibbe, University of Gloucestershire. With thanks to Daniela Ribitsch for her great contribution to the project. 

The Speeches

Click on the images below to download speeches in Word format

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