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Language & Ecology 2016


Dreams of the Tropics: a collection of ecopoems

   by Karim S. Lachheb Download



Language & Ecology 2015



Ecometaphor: the effect of ecology and environment on shaping anger metaphors in different cultures

  by Mahnaz Talebi-Dastenaei Download


Nonhuman Animal Legislation and Speciesist Discourse. Argentina's Pet Responsibility

  Act: Anti-cruelty Law or Death Row Pardon?

  by Diego L. Forte Download


Hermeneutic phenomenology as a basis for ecological Critical Discourse Analysis.

  by Craig Frayne Download


Ecolinguistics in Nigerian environmental communication: linking the print media

   reports with the daily press review broadcasts.

   by Akintoye Samson Japhet. Download


Language and environmental consciousness of society: The situation in Russia

   by Olga Khryapchenkova Fischer. Download


An ecolinguistic, scientific, and Serresian interpretation of communication:

   the importance of (re)-conceptualizing language from a more ecocentric perspective.

   by Keith Moser, Mississippi State University. Download


The Natural Choice? Metaphors for nature in a UK Government white paper.

   by Douglas Ponton, University of Catania. Download





Environment and nature


How BP dealt with the aftermath of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Horizon spill:

   crisis communication under the microscope.

   by Richard Alexander. Download


Environmental discourse in publicdebates in poland: relativization, exclusion and acceptance.

    by Magdalena Steciag. Download   


Different degrees of natural:  new encounters and old discourses of Amazonian original peoples.  

    by Francesca Zunino. Download   


Acceptance and avoidance of responsibility in world leaders’ statements about climate change.  

    by Mai Kuha. Download 


Awakening at the point of no return.  by Arran Stibbe. Download 


Linguistic erosion on the Chesapeake: intergenerational diachronic shifts in lexicalizations of the bay.  

    by Anjali Pandey. Download   


Língua e meio ambiente na literatura oral em língua Tetun, Timor Leste [in Portuguese].  

    by Davi Borges de Albuquerque. Download 


People, environment, language and meaning: values in nature and the nature of ‘values’.  

   by Denise Dillon. Download   


Worldviews and metaphors in the human-nature relationship: an ecolinguistic exploration through the ages.  

    by Frans C. Verhagen. Download     


A marvellous and useful new world: Constructions of American ecology in Christopher Columbus΄ Indies.  

    by Francesca Zunino. Download   


Uncertainty about causes and effects of global warming in U.S. news coverage before and after Bali.  

    by Mai Kuha. Download   


Bilingual – “Biecological“? The Impact of Language on Environmental Consciousness

      by Olga Khryapchenkova  Download 



Advertising, financial discourse and magazines



Environmental discourse: power, agency, and the ‘green consumer’ by David Bland, Download


The gadgeteer: sex, self and consumerism in Stuff magazine. by Paul Slater. Download                 


Magic Romance: on perfume, language and the environment. by Michelle Gargan. Download               


Masculinity, health and ecological destruction. by Arran Stibbe. Download   


On voit grand. Très grand : language and the construction of nature across cultures.  

    by Rachel Williams. Download               


Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon.  

    by Natasha Roberts. Download               


Perfecting’ People, Poisoning Planet: The language of the sunbed tanning industry.  

    by Hannah Spencer. Download       


The hide of a rhinoceros or soft as a baby’s bottom? Ecology and the language of cosmetic advertisements.  

    by Anne Filbey. Download     


What a Feeling: women, advertising and ecology. by Sara Peck. Download     


Radiant red: the use of flattery in hair product advertisements. by Zoë Clifton. Download       


It's (not) easy being green: unpacking visual rhetoric and environmental claims in car, energy and utility advertisements.

    by Susan Hogben. Download   


Ecology and the magic of economics. by Arran Stibbe. Download     


Consumed by consumerism: the persuasive discourse of financial institutions. by Ian Grabowski. Download       





An ESD Priority: Language issues that should be a central focus in teacher education and curriculum studies classes

    by Chet Bowers. Download


Words and worlds: New Directions for Sustainability Literacy.

    by Arran Stibbe. Download     


The Language of Ecological Intelligence. by Chet Bowers. Download 






On pigs, political correctness and poetic activism. by Arran Stibbe. Download       


Dog as Self and Other: comparisons to canines as a practice of dehumanisation. by Alec MacLeod. Download     


Extending the circle of compassion to include nonhuman animals: the use of who as seen in grammars and dictionaries.

    by George Jacobs. Download       



Language Ecology


Ecologies of Translation, Translations of Ecologies: Between Ecolinguistics and Translation Studies.

    by Philippe G. Lynes Download


Linguistic sustainability and language ecology. by Albert Bastardas-Boada. Download       





Trees. by Poonam Nigam Sahay. Download


License to dredge. by Jenni Meredith. Download   


From within the darkness. by Maryse Rochette. Download


Thus spoke the Earth. by John Esposito. Download            






Hip Hop and Environmental Sustainability. by Declan McDowell. Download 


Haiku and Ecology. by Julia Wood. Download     


Chance encounters: ecology and haiku-inspired photography. by Arran Stibbe. Download       


The Janus Machine: computers, language, and the enclosure of the cultural commons. by C. A. Bowers. Download     


Philosophy, language, and the titanic mind-set. by  C. A. Bowers. Download     


Insights into language and ecology. by various authors. Download   


Sacred worldview in tribal memory: sustaining nature through cultural actions. by Mahendra K Mishra. Download     


Why the George Lakoff and Mark Johnson theory of metaphor is inadequate for addressing the ecological crises.  

    by C.A. Bowers. Download     


Inmunidad compartida ante el riesgo geológico en el estado de Colima, México [in Spanish].  

    by Gabriela del Carmen González. Download     


The insights of Gregory Bateson on the connections between language and the ecological crisis. by C A Bowers. Download   




This section contains the current issue and archives of the journal Language & Ecology, as well as working papers, student articles and poems related to ecolinguistics. Articles can be referenced as follows:


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Irrititja – The Past. Antikirrinya History from Ingomar Station and Beyond by Ingkama Bobby Brown and Petter Attila Næssan. 2012. Southport, Queensland: Keeaira Press.  64 pages. ISBN 978 0 9805942 5 6 (pbk)  

     review by Douglas Hudson.  Download


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